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Rail Elite Pocket



The Havok head is designed for the elite playmaking LSM or Defenseman. With the best in class strength to weight ratio this head will deliver precise checks and increase caused turnovers. The all-new Ground Control feature will ensure you dominate the GB battle.– GROUND CONTROL is our perfectly engineered scoop angle designed specifically to scoop groundballs with ease. Dominate the ground ball game every time you go into a scrum.– With a Tighter Face Shape and a Lightweight 3-Strut Design, the Havok offers the best in class strength to weight ratio.– DURATOUGH material increases sti¬ffness and provides consistency in all weather conditions.– X-RAIL TECHNOLOGY is engineered to distribute the stress to the opposite rail creating a lightweight and sti¬ff design.– Level 4 Bottom Rail– designed for a mid-high pocket delivering added power and consistent hold.– Multiple stringing holes for custom pocket options.– Made in the USA.– Universal Spec.

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